Top  Participation Registration

Participation Registration

1. Registration Fees for the Congress / Meeting

Deadline for Regular Registration: September 15, 2018 extend to October 15, 2018

【Overseas participants】
Early bird
has been closed
has been closed
Until July 31st, 2018After August 1st to September 15th
October 15, 2018
DentistMember / Non-memberJPY 25,000JPY 30,000JPY 35,000
Co-dental staffMember / Non-memberJPY 5,000JPY 6,000JPY 7,000
OthersNon-memberJPY 55,000JPY 60,000JPY 65,000
Gala Party *Member / Non-memberJPY 15,000

* Accompanying Persons of registered delegate can participate in the Gala Party.
Those 12 years old or under are free to attend. It is not necessary to register.

Method of Payment

Only credit card payment is accepted. Please pay your entire registration fee in Japanese yen.

Registration Fee Includes for delegates and students:

Admission to all the sessions, Exhibition, Abstracts Book.



 On-site Registration

On-site registration will be available.
Those who wish to register after September 16th, 2018 October 15ht, 2018 (extended), please make registration at the on-site registration desk, during the congress period.

2. Pre-course

Please check your course on Pre-course.

We will close applications as soon as all the applicants reach the limits places are taken. The pre-course is open only for the registrants of ALOM2018.

Date and time

November 23, (Fri) 2018, 14:00-18:00


TKP Garden City Shinagawa in Shinagawa Goose
13-3 Takanawa 3-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo,
108-0074, Japan

Registration Fee

JPY 40,000 per course

How to apply

On-site registration will be available.

3. Gala Party

Date and time

November 24, (Sat) 2018, 18:45-21:00


Shinagawa Prince Hotel
“Prince Hall” at 5th Floor of Annex Tower,
10-30 Takanawa 4-chome, Minato-ku Tokyo, 108-8611, Japan

Registration Fee

JPY 15,000 per person

* Accompanying Persons of registered delegate can participate Gala Party. Those 12 years old or under are free to attend.

How to apply

On-site Registration will be available.

Attraction performed during the Gala Party

A cutting-edge illusion/magic show will be held, featuring Magus the Magician. The magic show is planned to last about 35 minutes, and includes the following content.

Ghost Scarf

A flower that Magus holds in his hand changes into a scarf. As if it has a life of its own, the scarf jumps about in mid-air, and begins to dance. Magus places the scarf inside a large glass bottle, but despite this, the scarf continues to dance inside it. He goes down to where the audience is sitting, and greets people while showing the bottle close-up, and handing the bottle to them. In the end, the scarf suddenly changes back into a flower.

Book Test

Magus invites three people in the audience to come up to the stage, and has them choose a word from several books. He guesses the words correctly, one after another. There is a surprise ending!

An Orange Tree

Magus borrows a 10,000-yen bill from a member of the audience, asks her to sign her name on it, and folds it to create an origami butterfly. The bill changes into a real butterfly: it flutters and flies in mid- air, then disappears in the direction of a potted orange tree. Suddenly, flowers bloom in the tree, which then bears several oranges. Magus asks an audience member to pick an orange, and slices it open to reveal the bill with the audience’s signature. This is a special trick that no other magician in the world can perform, live on stage.

Mind Reading

Magus reads audience members’ minds and guesses correctly what they are thinking about, such as objects, food, and animals.

Audience Levitation

Magus invites an audience member to come up to the stage, and makes them fall into a trance. He then makes them levitate, without any support whatsoever.

Crystal Metamorphosis

Magus the Magician goes inside a large glass box and an assistant locks him into it with a chain. She then stands on top of the box, and in the instant that she covers it with a curtain, she and the magician switch places, with the magician standing on top of the box and the assistant locked inside the box below.

Magus the Magician

Magus is currently Japan’s top illusionist. He became an overnight sensation, performing illusions at close range and at ultra-high speed. He has since appeared in a broad range of media.
In 2018, he received both the Japan Cup Magician of the Year Award, which is presented to the most successful magician of the year, and the Merlin Award (The Most Creative Magician), the most prestigious award in the world of magic. (For details, see .)

4. Cancellation Policy / Refund

If you cancel your participation in the congress, please be sure to notify the Inquiries below.

The cancellation will be subject to the following fees when the office receives written notification of cancellation.

Cancellation notice received Cancellation fee
Until July 15th, 2018 100% refund
After July 16th to September 15th
October 15th, 2018
50% refund
On / After September 16th, 2018
October 16th, 2018
No refund


For any queries, please send them to us by logging-in to your "My Page" and clicking on the "Inquiry" button.

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