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Call for Papers

Participants are invited to submit a paper for oral/poster presentations, case exhibits, and co-dental presentations for the 2nd Asian Lingual Orthodontic Meeting.
For those applying for submission, please register

1. presentation title
2. presenter and affiliation

at your earliest convenience, but not later than June 20, 2018.

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Program Committee, and acceptance will be at the discretion of the congress organizing committee.

1. Important dates

Deadline for abstract application: June 20th, 2018, at noon (JST)
Deadline for abstract submission: July 10th, 2018, at noon (JST)

Abstract Submission has been closed

2. Type of presentation

Oral presentations


November 24 (Sat) or 25 (Sun), 2018

Presentation time

15 minutes


Abstract, Slide and Presentation should be in English

Co-dental oral presentations


November 25 (Sun), 2018

Presentation time

30 minutes
(Consecutive interpreting service from English to Japanese is available.)


Abstract and Slide should be in English
Presentation should be either in English or Japanese.

Poster presentations


Abstract and Poster should be in English
(No oral presentation. Just poster viewing and/or free discussion.)

Case exhibits


Abstract is not required.
Title, exhibitor’s name, and affiliation should be in English. The data file should be in English or Japanese.

3. Submission Guidelines

  • 1. Applicants are required to firstly create your own Log-in ID and Password before entering your personal information. After entering your personal information, please proceed with abstract submission. Please verify your e-mail address, as it will be used for correspondence.
  • 2. You can revise, confirm, or delete your submission as many times as needed until 23:59 of July 10, 2018. (JST)
  • 3. All presentations should be performed with respect to national and international code of ethics, both for human and animal protection.
  • 4. All accepted abstracts will be published in the Congress Abstracts Book. The Congress Organizer has the right to edit the format of the abstract.
  • 5. All submission procedures will be in English (single-byte characters). Abstracts must be submitted only in English.
  • 1. The abstract title should be within 20 words.
  • 2. Abstract text should not exceed 250 words (about 1,600 characters). Abstract title (within 20 words), names of authors and affiliated institutions are not included in the word count.
  • 3. No charts or graphics should be included in the abstract.
  • 4. The number of authors (Presenting author and co-authors) should be no more than 5 persons.
  • 5. The number of affiliated institutions should be no more than 3.
  • 6. If the name of your affiliated institution or your own title is particularly long, this may result in the main text of the abstract being subject to word/character restrictions due to space limitations. To avoid such restrictions, you are requested to keep names and titles as short as possible.


For any queries, please send them to us by logging-in to your "My Page" and clicking on the "Inquiry" button.

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