Ichiro Aizawa

I hope that you are well and wish you health and prosperity.
I thank you for your continued support of JLOA.

I would also like to thank you for approving my appointment as the Chief Director of this association during the 30th JLOA meeting held in November 2018.
In the three decades since JLOA was established in 1988 our membership has increased annually. There are now more than 650 regular members, and co-dental members have been increasing year by year.

The association was formed to study orthodontics as a multi - bracket method without being restricted by one particular lingual bracket or treatment system.
It is important that doctors, co-dental staff and dental technicians work together to deliver a high quality and professional service both in clinical treatments and the manufacturing of lingual appliances and systems.
Recently invisible orthodontic treatment has become increasingly popular.

I hope we will establish high quality multi-lingual treatment methods and continue to care for our patients to a high professional standard.

I intend to maintain the objectives of the association established over its 30 year history. I will make every effort to contribute to the development of the JLOA by respecting and upholding our traditional high standards and embracing innovations in digital technology.

Under the direction of a former executive, Dr Nakajima, the JLOA has become a general incorporated association. I will build upon this previous work to ensure that the status and reputation of the JLOA is recognised and respected by other professional associations.

I will ensure that the views of the members are represented through the work of the committee.

Academic meetings will provide members with the opportunity for personal development through competition in the field of academic studies, clinical research and case presentations.

During the JLOA's 9th Basic Lingual Typodont Course we will deliver fair and impartial knowledge.

One of our most important future activities is to publish research papers in academic journals. We aim to develop a system to certify physicians to disseminate lingual orthodontic treatments.
We are aware of the importance of the role of co-dental staff and aim to improve their clinical skills by delivering a Lingual Typodont course for dental hygienists.

We will also deliver an advanced Lingual Typodont Course to enable dental technicians to study the production of set-up lingual brackets.

Finally, I invite you all to take a proactive interest in our activities. I appreciate your continued support and look forward to working with you in the future. Thank you very much.